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Old Jul 24th 2016, 10:27 AM
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Default UFC: Shevchenko vs. Holm

CHICAGO -- Holly Holm has suffered consecutive defeats for the first time in her storied combat sports career.

Holm (10-2) came up short in a five-round bantamweight fight against Valentina Shevchenko on Saturday. A former professional kickboxer, Shevchenko (13-2) picked Holm apart over the course of 25 minutes en route to a unanimous decision. All three judges scored the fight convincingly for Shevchenko (49-46).

The fight, which headlined UFC Fight Night at the United Center, was Holm's first appearance since she lost the UFC championship to Miesha Tate in March. Holm submitted to a rear-naked choke in the fifth round of that bout but was mostly in control until then. That was not the case Saturday, as Shevchenko consistently beat Holm to the punch on the feet.

Holm, 34, is 0-2 since knocking Ronda Rousey out at UFC 193 in November. She had never lost back-to-back fights, dating to her professional boxing career from 2002 to 2013.

"We expected counterpunches, Thai clinch game, trips, and she did all that," Holm said. "We trained for it. I was taught all the right things. No excuses. My coaches teach me everything. My performance was not right tonight."

Holm was a betting favorite going into Saturday, though a significant amount of money came in on Shevchenko in the 24 hours leading up the bout. Fighting out of Peru, the native of Kyrgyzstan is a seasoned striker, but Holm is listed as 3 inches taller, with a 2-inch reach advantage. Holm fought at a higher weight in boxing.

Let me guess, Shevchenko used meldonium, right? How else would a Russian beat the crap out of an American, yes?

And Shevchenko is Russian, by the way. A Russian who was born in Kyrgyzstan is still a Russian

FYI, a "native of Kyrgyzstan" woman looks like this

Shevchenko is ethnic Russian and always considered herself such, and has Russian citizenship, as well as Kyrgyz (and also Peruvian, they gave her their passport after she lived and trained there awhile). She fought in and won a Muai Thai, I believe, tournament for Russia (not Kyrgyzstan) couple years ago.

Russians even living in Kyrgyzstan do not consider themselves Kyrgyz, just as Kyrgyz who live in Russia, even if has a Russian passport, are not Russians. Ethnicity matters, in our part of the world American media should learn these nuances if they report about people from here

Anyway, Valentina is not the only great fighting woman in her family, her sister Antonina is a Muai Thai champion in her own right

and their mother, Elena Shevchenko is the President of Kyrgyzstan's Muai Thai Federation

And I believe their father is a professional fighter too. Both girls trained in martial arts since age of 5. Both sisters also have performed together in a traditional Russian folk dance group, and practice competitive pistol shooting.

My kind of women lol
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