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Old Jul 6th 2017, 01:16 AM
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Lightbulb Tomorrowland: An Adaptation!

Here's a pro-media tale I cooked up which I think is symbolic of modern age 'traffic-consciousness.'

This story was inspired by the civilization-imaginarium films Tomorrowland and Newsies.

It's funny how technology and modernism has changed 'IQ storytelling'...

The question is, will traffic/Internet alter humanity's sense of individualism?



Tom Cruise had become the world's most popular movie-star and had just completed a 'futurama-film' titled Edge of Tomorrow. He was surfing the Web when he stumbled upon the posts of an idealistic Internet-blogger named Ajay Stan who was writing about a fictional giant menacing robot named Scorponok (a warrior who transforms into a mechanized scorpion as well as an ominous vehicle-harboring fortress). Ajay believed Scorponok captured all of the modern age intrigue surrounding mobility and flexibility and the 'sting' of networks (e.g., Wall Street, eTrade, European Union, NATO, etc., etc.).

Cruise found Ajay's posts regarding Scorponok to be very reflective of modernism anxieties and new age 'folklore' perhaps in a time when cyber-commerce drowned out any idealism regarding 'adaptive species choreography.' Cruise started conversing with Ajay on the Internet (using the identity-masking alias/avatar 'Spider-Man,' the iconic Marvel Comics superhero). Cruise/Spider-Man suggested he and Ajay write a dual-blog about the power of media in the modern age and perhaps how American films such as The Terminator, Edge of Tomorrow, and RoboCop represented some of the interests Ajay exhibited in his posts about Scorponok.

Ajay liked the notion and donned the Internet alias/avatar 'Iceman,' the Marvel Comics ally of Spider-Man, and the two began writing together about Scorponok. Spider-Man (Cruise) and Iceman (Ajay) wrote and wrote and wrote about the magic and ominousness of Scorponok and how he signified a new philosophical consciousness as well as a psychological angst regarding the development of civilization. Spider-Man wrote of the power of cinema in reaching the masses, while Iceman wrote about the power of the Internet in welcoming the masses to share ideas on global free-access electronic 'bulletin-boards.'

When Spider-Man and Iceman's joint-posts about Scorponok caught the attention of a movie studio representative who happened to read them, the representative messaged them and asked them if they wanted to see a live-action big-budget Hollywood movie adaptation of Scorponok. The movie representative explained that the film would be titled Terminator: Scorponok and would incorporate some of the storylines already utilized in the Terminator sci-fi horror film franchise. Spider-Man (Cruise) and Iceman (Ajay) loved the idea and told the representative they were already fans of the film Terminator: Salvation!

Well, the film Terminator: Scorponok (starring Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emily Blunt, and Amy Adams) was a big hit, and Spider-Man and Iceman were paid by the movie studio representative who contacted them originally about the inception of the film. Spider-Man and Iceman decided to use the money they 'earned' to invest in Ford Motor Company (on the NYSE). They made millions and became 'virtual-world celebrities.' It was a real 'Internet tale.'


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