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Old Jan 25th 2013, 10:50 AM
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Default Re: Future Science & Technology

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
This thread is all about wild and unhinged speculations.

Lets just assume that sometime in the next couple of decades we invent fusion energy. That would help us get us past the big 21st century problem of oil depletion and global climate change.

So, assuming that we don't destroy this planet and modern society completely in the next half-dozen decades (as looks increasingly likely), and assuming that we do invent fusion in the near term, my question is, how long do you think it would take for humans to develop space travel technology?

Star Trek for example is set in the 25th century and they have warp-drive engines, transporters and replicators. Do you think this would be a realistic projection for the future?
Well, technically we have "space travel technology." With fusion we could probably develop better space travel technology, but true interstellar travel would still take years and years. The things that keep us from developing warp-drives, transporters, and replicators all seem to be different/more than just not having enough energy. Conceivably, we might stumble across one of them before we get to fusion.

Actually, what I find even less realistic about Star Trek's 25th Century than the technology, is their notion that, with all that tech in hand, humanity will manage to unify across all racial/religious/cultural divides, eliminate crime, poverty, war and money, and create an interstellar socialist utopia. I'm not sure I buy the line that the new technology which could potentially make us more powerful will also, ipso facto, make us better people.
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