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Old Dec 13th 2012, 12:54 AM
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Default Re: Would you genetic engineer your child?

Originally Posted by MeMyselfAndI View Post
I agree with Owl Scowl. If I had the opportunity, I would do it. Genetically modify my children to make them immune to all diseases and cancers and such, why not?

If such technology became available, I would pay to use it.

The problem would be - to whom it would be available. It would still cost much money. So would be available only to the elite, and, perhaps, people like me too, a step down the ladder. But not to lower middle class, let alone the poor. More unfairness...
This will never happen. We haven't got the technology to outpace what evolution accomplishes all on its own. Disease pathogens can reproduce at a rate of about 1,000 generations per day. With that kind of speed, our best antibiotics have been outpaced in a matter of 70 years total since their introduction. For the first 45 of those years, penecillin was enough. For the next 15, amoxicillin and its derivatives. Now we are fighting an unwinable battle with drug families I'm not going to attempt to spell. All of them have produced resistent forms of many deadly diseases. Cancer might be another case altogether because it isn't perpetuated by a microorganism.
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