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Old Oct 9th 2016, 01:03 PM
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Default The life of a mafia wife

LifeNews published today an article about what it's like to be the wife of a Russian mafia boss

It is a fascinating and tragic and scary story of a woman in Russia who married a gangster at the age of 18: https://life.ru/t/се&#10...oghilu_stierva

Whole thing too long to translate, but I will summarize a few powerful bits.

When it started, she fell in love with him, a handsome and still young man; a man of considerable wealth who threw around carelessly more cash than she had ever seen in her entire life, and showered her in expensive gifts, jewelry, fur coats, dresses, shoes, whatever the hell she asked for, she was his spoiled little princess; a man whose title of Vor (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thief_in_law) inspired fear in other men, and this also appealed to her, apparently. She felt safe and protected with him, in a dangerous, crime ridden region. Even from her father, himself a tough guy ex-convict who had abused her as a child. Her new fiancee apparently went to visit her dad, even before they got married.

"He said to Papa, if you ever touch her again, I will tear your head off from your body with my bare hands. Papa believed him, he never hit me again after that..."

The girl was smitten, basically.

It wasn't until AFTER the wedding, that reality eventually began to set in.

"I became his property. He took me (sexually) whenever he wanted it, whether I wanted to or not."

She knew better than to resist, understood she would likely be killed if she did that. Basically, she became a sex slave. He beat her too, if she ever pissed him off.

She wanted a kid, but he prohibited that.

"He said, I am a Vor, I cannot have a child, it is against the Ponyatia (the Understandings, the unwritten laws of the criminal underworld in Russia/ex-USSR)."

But really, she says, he was afraid that if he had a child, his enemies within the Bratva (the Brotherhood, the Mafia) would just kidnap him or her to use as hostage to pressure the Vor. A kid was a potential vulnerability to him, nothing more. To that end, he forced her to have several abortions.

She was also a prisoner in her new home, could not go out without her husband's goons driving her and following her around everywhere.

One day, she grew so frustrated, sick and tired of her life, she shouted at him that will leave him, no matter what.

"He threw me in the car. [Another gangster] drove us to a firest out of town. I knew that place, it is where they often took people to kill them. He dragged me from the car, shoved me to the groubd, and threw me a shovel. He then drew his gun, aimed it at me, and said, 'Bitch, you will die here today. Now, dig.' So, I dug my own grave."

She begged for her life the whole time. Finally, he relented, but promised that if she ever tried to bail on him, he would find and kill her, as well as every relative of hers he could get his hands on.

About two years later, her husband was killed. His group lost a bloody turf war to a larger, more powerful mafia faction.

He and a couple dozen of his closest comrades all went down together, in a hail of blazing gunfire.

Later, as she sat alone at home, a bunch of gangsters from the victories rival group showed up at the house.

"They told me, your husband is dead. You belong to us now."

They then took turns raping her. Three dozen men, sometimes several at a time, all night... She became little more than spoils of war. The thugs fought over who gets to keep her afterwards, two men actually drew guns on each other.

Fortunately for her, their boss, a seemingly kindly older Vor, typical gentleman-gangster from the Soviet era who looked with scorn and disgust at the savagery of the modern age, chose to intervene and save her from any further horrors. The shrewd, wise man had better use for her. He knew, from somewhere, that she had a knack for math, numbers, even helped her husband's gang count up their proceeds from the drugs and whatever other shit they were into.

Now, the mob paid for her to go to university and earn a degree in economics. They then got her a job in the federal agency responcible for financial regulations. There, she used her new position and its authority to help the gang launder their dirty criminal cash.

"I worked for them like that for years. I had no choice. If I tried to stop or do anything, they would have simply killed me, without a question."

It took her a long time to, finally, break free, when her new boss was, one day, arrested. She sought, and received, help from law enforcement, and now lives far away, on the other side of the country, with a new name and alrered physical appearance. All her relatives believe she is dead.

She is still afraid to talk about the people from her past, and was constantly shuddering as she shared her tale, anonymously, with the Life reporter. But she chose to come out and speak, because there are today countless vulnerable young girls in bad parts of Russia, just like she was once, whom she wants to keep from making the same horrible life choices that she did...

I commend her for her courage.
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