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Old Mar 7th 2018, 10:08 PM
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Default Man/Superman: Geopolitics Dianetics(?)

Americans like movies about customs and etiquette (such as Varsity Blues, Gangs of New York, Coming to America, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, etc.) perhaps because America is a symbolic land of pluralism, traffic, and great sociocultural 'negotiation.'

America has become the proverbial 'Big Brother' of the global community, since it is a vanguard of science, technology, fashion, commerce, and arguably modern philosophy!

There is much controversy in America regarding the identification of radicalism appropriateness, protest placement, and multiculturalism angst.

The DC Comics superhero Superman (a nearly-invincible 'Man of Steel' who defends democracy in Metropolis) contends with the villainous and calculating crime-master and pseudo-fascist Lex Luthor (a wily evil-doer and terrorizer of democratic customs).

Superman and Lex Luthor comprise a pedestrian dialogue 'axis' regarding modern customs/etiquette 'negotiation.' We can therefore use a Superman/Luthor discussion to evaluate the philosophical impact of geopolitical negotiation controversies (within a modernism context).

Has modernism changed the way we analyse rebelliousness?


SUPERMAN: Pluralism requires faith in contracts.
LUTHOR: The World Bank and European Union are competitive!
SUPERMAN: America evaluates the historical impact of immigration.
LUTHOR: American history is marred by the decimation of Native-Americans.
SUPERMAN: Americans honor Native-Americans with sports-teams mascots.
LUTHOR: The Florida State University 'Seminoles' and Cleveland 'Indians'(?).
LUTHOR: Many advocates of civil rights claim these team-mascots are racist!
SUPERMAN: The mascots are not ideal, but they remind us of culture.
LUTHOR: I think they merely remind us of culture-contact (not education).
SUPERMAN: Even if you're correct, we have to remain optimistic.
LUTHOR: You must concede that decimation of Native-America was an error.
SUPERMAN: I like the Native-America history film Dances with Wolves.
LUTHOR: That epic Kevin Costner film reveals an American angst...
SUPERMAN: Americans constantly meditate on pluralism challenges!
LUTHOR: Perhaps the Winter Olympics [2018] in South Korea was symbolic!
SUPERMAN: Yes, there were valuable peace-accords with North Korea.
LUTHOR: The nuclear-missile test crisis during Labor Day 2017 was insane.
SUPERMAN: The Trump Administration works with North Korea closely...
LUTHOR: Perhaps we can agree that geopolitics is...negotiable!
SUPERMAN: You and I are mostly concerned with war and rebellion.
LUTHOR: Everyone gets excited about 'political adventures.'


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