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Old Jan 15th 2020, 06:37 PM
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Default 10 Years of Political Growth

I remember coming here during my college years. I graduated in 2010.

At that time, I was a paleolibertarian/paleoconservative/deontological libertarian after my Nietzschean libertarian stage.

Before then, I was a modern liberal, socialist, self-described fascist although looking back I'd say it was more of Sorelianism, and neocon.

Since then...


I don't think politics are really worth discussing in conventional left-right, religious-atheist, capitalist-communist, etc. dichotomies anymore.

We are living in a time where rule #1 of politics is more paramount than ever before: different people believe in different beliefs for the same motive, and different people believe in the same belief for different motives.

I've also seen rampant opportunistic flip-flopping over the last 10-15 years of my life where people not only pick the ideology that suits their best interest given their change in status and responsibilities, but also how to setup their future status and responsibilities as well as exploit others who they anticipate will change.

This doesn't seem to be limited to any walk of life either. I've lived in rural, urban, northern U.S., southern U.S., blue states, and red states.

I'm thoroughly convinced at this point that 99% of people don't even think about beliefs anymore.

What they do is anticipate what others like and how to fit in. People learn from experience about the power people have and the skills to go with that power, and how to take positions based on appeals to that power to get skills exercised the way they want.

This especially applies to the upper-middle class who tends to run local governments whether in small towns or urban boroughs. Not only do they focus on human resource management within their constituency, but also HR management among constituencies. It's all about who knows who and getting people to work on their campaigns as professional politicians. Even if they're not office holders, people view politics as necessary to advance their careers in any field.

Something to consider btw: http://verdantlabs.com/politics_of_professions/

It's not a thorough breakdown because it doesn't address the different types of political followings a la principled, practical, creative, and rational, but it's a start.

I should also note that I think most political alignments over the course of decades and generations are random.

The reason deals with childraising.

Parents who have sons tend to become more conservative, and those who have daughters tend to become more liberal in looking out for the well being of their children...

...but this is subject to the personality of those children. If you have metrosexual or tomboy children, it's different. Likewise, parents sometimes either don't care or want their kids to fit a mold. This leads to strife in the household, and it's sometimes done deliberately. For example, liberal parents who become conservative because their previous lack of preparation leads to dogmatic obedience ends up provoking children into despising family values. Their kids end up becoming liberal which is what they really wanted. Their kids just don't know it, and the parents keep their mouths shut.

Similar things happen between grandparents and grandchildren in families. Conservative grandparents can spoil grandchildren into becoming conservative as well while pinning the liberal middle generation between them.

These are just some models though.

You also have households where liberal middle generations become conservative to garnish the favor of their own parents while both pin the grandchildren down...

...and you have households where liberal middle generations raise their kids with a relaxed state of mind to garnish support against the elders.

I've seen this especially since joining the Knights of Columbus... which I don't know if I'm going to stay in since it's a very aristocratic organization with lots of favoritism.

This drives me nuts personally.

I've always despised feminism for its insistence upon opposing old boys' clubs, but I'm literally seeing it manifest in the Order.

I'm also looked down upon a lot in the Order for being young, especially since I don't have a familial connection to it. I joined from independent research. This is despite how the Order struggles to recruit young people, has an ongoing lawsuit going on over membership statistics getting inflated, and there is strife between the fraternal side and business side of the life insurance company.

My brain gets headaches so much from processing this stuff.

It drives me nuts how much these people support Trump as well in light of how he's a Presbyterian with no sense of deeper grace while we're supposed to be devout practical Catholics...

...and they make the pragmatic argument in opposing Hillary while liking his bullying personality.

They have no idea how pragmatism was the source of modern liberalism going back to the 1870s to 1890s.

I try to bring this up, and they ask me where do I get the time to read all this. It's just what I do with my free time.

I see similar things among feminist women who are becoming increasingly conservative now that they're careers are making them independent. They love capitalism now that it's benefited them and don't want redistributive justice anymore... unless they have higher career prospects. Only then do they get upset with the glass ceiling, but most are rather content with what they've achieved. They want to have fun even though they don't really know what that is other than kicking back with a bottle of wine and Netflix while Tweeting who knows who.

Trump drives me nuts.

He appeals to feminism all the time, yet says he's not a feminist, and tons of older feminists love him. It's classic bad boy syndrome...

...and then Pelosi said that line about how as a Catholic, she doesn't hate anybody, so don't mess with her about words like that.

It's no wonder the Democrats can't get organized against him, and no wonder Hillary lost the election...

...but then, we have to consider how Catholics are a minority in America.

America is the one region in the Western World where Catholics are the minor religious denomination. In Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and India, it's all Catholics first. Latin America is too also whether you consider it Western or not.

That really drives me bonkers because when you go through red states, all the political debates get effectively flipped inside out over things like evidence, experience, fate, authority, hierarchy, emotions, popularity, etc.

It saddens me because I can see now how the liberal arguments about historical systemic prejudice make sense in red states, but not in blue states. In blue states, it's all victim culture and politically correct rhetoric to unfairly garnish social status at the expense of innocents...

...but in red states, you really see how problems manifest where people really are downtrodden and suffering just because of how they look, how their families aren't well connected, or they don't fit into traditional gender roles.

State rights obviously don't help here since you can't trust the local states to fix their own problems, but national intervention doesn't work either since you end up with apathy on one hand, the worst of both worlds on the other. People in power like to maintain their power-base and don't want to get on the nerves of fellow powerful people. They also don't want to fix problems properly. They'd rather just make more of a mess.

I'm so sad now because the only solution I see is deception where you get evil power-mongers to believe they're being sarcastic in solving problems so they can play dumb for their own benefit.

Nobody cares anymore. Even Pelosi didn't put Amash on the case manager team to handle Trump's impeachment.

The carelessness is so bad. If you get victimized by political correctness from a blue state and go to a red state, Republicans tell you that you're engaging in victim culture.

If you're prejudiced against in a blue state and go to a red state, Democrats tell you it's not pragmatic to fix what happened, so you have to cope with things.

I'm so tired.

I went to an abortion clinic to protest and there was someone from Yes! Magazine there.

I talked with the cops and they said if we approach the other side to talk and they have repeated outbursts against you, then they'll suspect you're provoking them since all they do is look at consequences and not intentions. There's no grammar analysis of sentence structure since it's too difficult and people could rationalize excuses in saying you're offensive when you're not.

I talked with the reporter instead, and he said my position was more articulate than most of the evangelicals here.

When I read the article, he didn't publish what I told him, but he published how there's a lingering racial undertone to the evangelicals who want to see black families suffer from not getting abortions.

So much ugh...
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