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Old Dec 5th 2016, 12:13 AM
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Default Age beats experience

Russian boxing sensation Murat Gassiev came through a tough war with veteran Denis Lebedev to win a split decision and snatch the IBF cruiserweight title from the veteran.

Muscle-bound Gassiev’s trainer Abel Sanchez said before the fight it was time for a “changing of the guard” and early on in the fight, it looked as though his prediction was to prove correct.

The 23-year-old controlled the action from the opening bell and in round five landed a thunderous shot to Lebedev’s liver to send the champion reeling.

Lebedev rose and fought back courageously but it wasn’t enough to save him from being on the wrong end of a 116-112, 116-111, 113-114 split decision from the judges.

It is the third loss of Lebedev’s career, whereas Gassiev extends his unbeaten streak to 24 wins – the 24th is undoubtedly the sweetest in his career so far.

It is indeed a changing of the guard.

Lebedev is indeed an incredible fighter, tough as nails, revered and practically legendary in the Russian boxing world, for being able to absorb horrific punishment in the ring

and ignore it and still go on to KO the other guy Like our Rocky Balboa, you know

Murat himself acknowledged after the fight just how tough Lebedev is, even he himself was surprised by it:


The man is ex-Airborne, he wears his Blue Beret to the ring and has always done it justice.

But he is still 37 years old already. 37 with years of injuries in the ring, a highly experienced guy but now in the twilight of his career vs. a relatively new, still completely healthy, and much younger fighter. A 23 year old man will always have a physical advantage over a 37 year old, even if we do not take those old injuries of Lebedev's into account...

I guess this is a fitting way to settle this, generation vs. generation, at home, in Moscow, and the best Russian won

Gassiev is not done with Lebedev either, he wants another fight with him, for his other belt!

The WBA did not let him challenge Lebedev for their belt, in this fight: http://www.boxingscene.com/lebedev-m...assiev--111360

He is fuming about it right now, demanding a second shot, for the other belt.

Whatever happens with that though, this was a huge fight, here in Russia. As this site puts it, Murat Gassiev "dethroned" Denis Lebedev: http://www.boxingnewsonline.net/mura...dev-in-russia/

That is a very good way to phrase it This is a great victory for Murat. I wish him all the best and a long and wonderful career ahead.
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Old Feb 1st 2017, 03:27 AM
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Default Good TV!

Age-defeating-experience can go both ways and can either be demoralizing or uplifting, though this match seems to hit the uplift-note.

I wouldn't want to see a veteran icon such as George Brett (Kansas City Royals American baseball) upstaged in the final days of his wonderful career.

Incidentally, I'm a huge Royals fan and am glad there was a 'changing-of-the-guard' in MLB when they reached the World Series (very recently).

Thanks for sharing this unusual boxing story!

Would you agree that Brett (Royals) --- see card below --- looks like a boxer (in his own right)?

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