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Old Oct 13th 2012, 04:49 AM
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Default Re: Would you genetic engineer your child?

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
The problem with this view is that the legality of the first will be used to justify the second.

That is to say, if you have the legal permission to genetically alter a fetus to prevent it suffering a future disease, corporate lawyers will drive a truck through that loophole to argue that average intelligence would condemn the fetus to a life of average mediocrity or poverty, and therefore genetic enhancements are JUST LIKE doing genetic surgery to prevent a disease. Given SCOTUS track record on such issues, this would be a done deal and then you will have Monsanto trying to patent human genes (and selling them).
I don't think they will be able to force you to genetically alter your child. Furthermore as someone has argued here, intelligence might not be that much connected to genetics. There might be genetic precursors, but that's as far at it would go.
And finally, the real technology being envisaged for genetic engineering is a form of human selection that would entail a form of abortion, and therefore should it become legal is would likely never be forced ( at least not in America)
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