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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Yes, immigrants come to America seeking a better life.

How does the US military spending more than all the militaries in the world added together, or the US military occupying small countries contribute to that?

I'll agree that humans certainly do like having a leader, but I'm not aware of any data showing that groups of nations need leaders - or that such 'leadership' does anything beneficial for anyone. As far as I can see, 'leaders' amongst nations just tend to start wars and make demands on others.

Natural resources are traded in 'free markets' internationally.

If USA is the richest nation, it should have no trouble at all guarenteeing its access to resources - which always go to the highest bidder.
Seems there are some problems in that scenario with the US now consuming far more than it produces.

US military can't make natural resources cheap and plentiful for Americans except perhaps by forcefully eliminating competitors. Btw, the US military itself tends to be one of the largest resource hogs in the USA, which shows the circularity of this game.
As I recall the US military is the single largest consumer of petroleum products for fuel in the US, the US itself being by far the largest consumer country of oil.
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