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Default Re: A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

Wow. This is big.

In the first place it's big in mathematics because it simplifies calculations in quantum theory by an enormous factor. A calculation that couldn't be done with all the processing power of the planet in centuries (no exaggeration) can now be done with a cluster of ordinary computers in no time. That's a guaranteed Field Medal to begin with.

But it could also be big big. That is, it has the potential to evaporate the decades old and ever frustrating collision between gravity and simply spoken everything else. Though a bit of restraint is in order here as string theory also started out with this promise. Yet it already seems a better candidate because of its simplicity. Unlike string theory it won't take decades to figure out whether it's the real thing or not.

The philosophical implications are fun too. Basically -under the assumption the breakthrough will be validated- it says that geometry is all there exists. Silly things like space, time, spacetime, locality, particles, matter,... do not.
A bit of work to do here for the philosophers
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