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Default "Valentine" [2001]

This offbeat modern horror film directed by Jamie Blanks (of Urban Legend fame) and starring Denise Richards presents the seemingly cliched story of an emotionally awkward young American whose scarring experience on Valentine's Day leaves him with a vengeful heart against those seeking easygoing or sentiment-optimistic life moments on the iconic 'day of romance.'

He grows up to be a serial killer wearing the mask of Cupid (a god representing love and the serendipity of enchantment).

This film addresses a very important civilization/humanity emotion: the anger (not poetry) created by unrequited love. We've all heard stories of unrequited/tragic love (historical and fictional) --- Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, etc., etc.

Love can lift us to places of peace, and the frustrating loss of love or feeling of desolation can take us to the pits of yearning, rage, and alienation.

Valentine invites us to ask psycho-sociological questions, such as "Should I kill my wife for committing adultery?", "Does a hapless marriage signify a 'time to forget'?", "Can a lack of love create inhuman deformity'?"

That's why I give this very very symbolic and under-rated (if straightforward) modern-era horror gem at least 3/5 stars and liken it to The Birds, Child's Play, and Ghost in the Machine.

{interpretation dialogue}


TEENAGER 1: You're like the Phantom of the Opera!
KILLER: I'm simply a spirit.
TEENAGER 2: No way, you're the opposite of Cupid!
KILLER: I look the way you your worst dreams.
TEENAGER 1: You're a monster.
KILLER: I'm a 'friend.'
TEENAGER 2: You're no friend; you're destroying Valentine's Day.
KILLER: Don't you want me to? You have no care for love!
TEENAGER 1: Not true. V-Day is sacred to many American teenagers.
KILLER: Prove it.
TEENAGER 2: You're a real psycho.
KILLER: Death is never proud.
TEENAGER 1: You're no messenger of St. Valentine!
KILLER: I'm an 'angel of death.'
TEENAGER 2: You're the angel of death.
KILLER: Always be careful what you wish for...


Valentine (Film)

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