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Default Re: Best Canadian PM by consensus

I knew I could hook at least one of the Canucks around here!

Originally Posted by Greendruid View Post
Despite being appointed the first female PM of the country, her slanderous attack ads making fun of Jean Chrétien's speaking disability caused by a stroke some years earlier.

Originally Posted by Greendruid View Post
I've also taken the liberty to amend the spelling of our only PM with an accent in his name!
As you well know, it is my eccentricity to ignore all accent thingies!

* * *

1. Sir John A. Macdonald (Liberal-Conservative) 11
2. Alexander Mackenzie (Liberal) 10
3. Sir John Abbott (Liberal-Conservative) 10
4. Sir John Thompson (Conservative) 10
5. Sir Mackenzie Bowell (Conservative) 10
6. Sir Charles Tupper (Conservative) 10
7. Sir Wilfred Laurier (Liberal) 10
8. Sir Robert Borden (Conservative) 10
9. Arthur Meighen (Conservative) 10
10. William Lyon Mackenzie King (Liberal) 10
11. Richard Bedford Bennett (Conservative) 10
12. Louis St. Laurent (Liberal) 10
13. John Diefenbaker (Progressive-Conservative) 10
14. Lester B. Pearson (Liberal) 10
15. Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Liberal) 10
17. John Turner (Liberal) 10
18. Brian Mulroney (Progressive-Conservative) 10
20. Jean Chrétien (Liberal) 10
21. Paul Martin (Liberal) 10
22. Stephen Harper (Conservative) 10
16. Joe Clark (Progressive-Conservative) 9
19. Kim Campbell (Progressive-Conservative) 9

Clark joins Campbell at the bottom for serving less than one year as PM (just like Campbell). Totally lame.
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