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Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
It looks like a huge time commitment, both in just learning how to work the systems and in getting anything done. I remember seeing someone doing a Let's Play on YouTube. IIRC, after about 16 hours of play he had only managed to explore a few systems beyond Sol, hadn't encountered any sign of other players, and just gave up. I got the impression you had to really enjoy detailed optimizations and be in the thing for the long haul to get something out of it.

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
As it stands, I'm struggling to make time to finish a game of Stellaris. I think things must be wrapping up; we're building megastructures, murdering Dimensional Horrors, and about to upload our consciouses into machines. I'm really curious about the End Game Crisis system, though. I'm not sure when that triggers.
I'm having trouble getting into Stellaris. Again, it is the time commitment thing.

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
I've also found that the older I get, the more I care about graphics in games. Not in the sense of being realistic or high-polygon counts or what have you, but I think I've developed a great appreciation for games that are enjoyable to see. That are pretty, for lack of a better word. I learned to enjoy Dwarf Fortress (with some really basic tile sets), though its hard to go back to that now that I have Rimworld. I'm not sure I could handle the starkness of Aurora for an extended period of time.
Yes, I agree definitely. I don't care much for whiz-bang 3-D graphics spinning around, but I do like good looking games.
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