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Default Aurora 4x

So I'm a huge fan of space 4x games (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate). I also am a fan of complicated games. I want extreme detail and the like. This leads to a problem: for me most 4x space games, masters of orion for example, are quite formulaic. Even Stellaris, as fun as it is, runs into a pretty clear formula eventually.

Enter one of my favorite games recently: Aurora 4x. It's a one man project. It's graphics are piss poor, most of the information is via spreadsheets, and there are clear bugs

BUT it is one of the most detailed games I have ever encountered. Tactics are a must and one has to seriously consider the trade-offs between short range laser and rail gun weapons and long range, but limited supply, missile systems. Each competent of a ship must be designed and researched in addition to the underlying technology necessary for it's creation. There are no predetermined classes so you can basically make a "destroyer" whatever you want.

Anyway, I know some people here are a fan of the genre so I thought I would pass it along.
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