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Lightbulb Addendum: Lucky Charms Breakfast Cereal

Lucky Charms is a brand of cereal produced by the General Mills food company since 1964.[1] The cereal consists of toasted oat pieces and multi-colored marshmallow shapes ("marbits" or marshmallow bits). The label features a leprechaun mascot, Lucky, animated in commercials (source of information: Wikipedia).

Capitalism is a form of resource aesthetics negotiation (e.g., NASDAQ), so we can see how/why a culture-centric brand such as Lucky Charms (obviously an allusion to the Irish leprechaun) would be considered some kind of homage or toast to the general 'creativity' of consumerism itself.

You might be served a bowl of Lucky Charms breakfast cereal by your hospitable stewardess on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to New York, which would motivate you to ask, "How do commercial contracts in the modern geopolitical landscape arise and how do these contracts complement tourism-gauged culture-exchange?"

Commerce offers us appreciation of goods and services, but it also creates social networking and hence culture-exchange (e.g., World Bank).

We should therefore contemplate how/why Lucky Charms breakfast cereal inspires in modern thinkers a contemplation of the contouring of culture-exposure with commercial ideology.


TRUMP: They should serve Lucky Charms in hotel continental breakfasts.
TRUMP: The Irish leprechaun (Lucky) mascot represents hospitality!
CARTER: Yes, commerce creates culture-exchange on many levels.
TRUMP: That is the 'spirit/ethos' behind the hospitality of Las Vegas.
CARTER: Capitalists care about self-consciousness...
TRUMP: Yes, they do, and checks-and-balances ensure improvements.
CARTER: However, Lucky Charms does not 'cure' racism...
TRUMP: No, people still consider it simply a 'consumer-brand.'
CARTER: That's unfortunate, since ethnic-mascots symbolize teamwork!
TRUMP: They sure do (e.g., sports-teams mascots), but it's a problem.
CARTER: Perhaps consumerism aesthetics can breed 'political trust.'
TRUMP: That's what happened during the 2018 Winter Olympics.
CARTER: Yes, North and South Korea were temporarily 'united' for media.
TRUMP: Let's consider why the European Union is capitalism-ideal...
CARTER: Well, the EU creates interesting 'terrorism dialogue.'
TRUMP: Yes, we can consider why commerce-pacts destroy rebellions.


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