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Default Re: Study finds alcohol is most destructive drug

Originally Posted by Multiplum View Post
I thought mescaline was a more "gentle" hallucinogen than LSD. Never tried it, so I can't speak from personal experience.

People react differently to psychoactives, though. Good example again is alcohol. I'm glad I'm not a mean drunk. Some people ought to stay away from the stuff.
I don't know where LSD got much of a reputation for being a serious drug. Sure its a strong psychoactive drug, but as a hallucenogen, its fairly mild.

With peyote or mescaline, they are extreme hallucenogens.

That's why I say LSD is so much milder. You can function on LSD (just the line between real and fake is fuzzy). One is a complete basket-case on peyote or mescaline (because the line between real and fake doesn't exist at all).

And I've done all of them, so I know. When it comes to hallucenations, mushrooms and LSD are very mild compared to something like peyote or mescaline - there is no comparison at all!

Originally Posted by Zarquon View Post
I get "happy" with alcohol, and the same plus unofcused with marijuana.
Good to hear that you are a "happy" drunk. Most are, but some minority of the population are NOT happy drunks. Indeed, it almost seems like the chronic alcoholic types are always nasty/violent drunks.

Pot on the other hand seems to produce a range from "happy-silly" to "sleepy-quiet".
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