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Default Re: Ecological living

Originally Posted by NickKIELCEPoland View Post
I've never heard an environmentalist say 'don't have children'. I've heard some of them say that condoms should be used in overpopulated parts of the world, so that couples don't end up with 10 children they can't afford to feed.

It's not realistic to ask Westerners, or Moscow Russians to live like those people - it is realistic to ask them to use public transport and stop driving big cars, or at least stop boasting about it.
Why do you, personally speaking, believe it is not realistic to ask Westerners or Muscovites to live in this way? This is not to bait or troll - I'm deeply interested in this because my own lifestyle is moving toward the examples MMI shows rather than the other way. I want to hear about what mainstream consumers think about this and why it can't be asked of them to live in this manner. The real problem is of course that the choice may not be theirs (or yours) for much longer.
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