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Default Re: Study finds alcohol is most destructive drug

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I don't know where LSD got much of a reputation for being a serious drug. Sure its a strong psychoactive drug, but as a hallucenogen, its fairly mild.

With peyote or mescaline, they are extreme hallucenogens.

That's why I say LSD is so much milder. You can function on LSD (just the line between real and fake is fuzzy). One is a complete basket-case on peyote or mescaline (because the line between real and fake doesn't exist at all).
I didn't find functioning behind fresh Windowpane acid in the '60s and 70s at all possible, nor did friends and acquaintances. A straight person on hand was considered a necessity to avoid personal physical damage, arrest for public nudity and bad trips. That was due to dosage as that was greatly reduced in street product in the '80s and even more so in the 90s and beyond.

On the other hand, blotter acid was considered much milder due to poor handling, age (huge batches made at one time and slowly fed into the market) and lower dosages.

And I've done all of them, so I know. When it comes to hallucenations, mushrooms and LSD are very mild compared to something like peyote or mescaline - there is no comparison at all!

Good to hear that you are a "happy" drunk. Most are, but some minority of the population are NOT happy drunks. Indeed, it almost seems like the chronic alcoholic types are always nasty/violent drunks.

Pot on the other hand seems to produce a range from "happy-silly" to "sleepy-quiet".
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