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Default Re: Homesexuality and Evolution

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
It isn't a joke. It is a political requirement. If you want to "ban" homosexuality, it has to be, by nature, banable. If homosexuality is 'genetic' in origin, it can't be banned. Ergo, homosexuality MUST be presumed to be choice so that it can therefore be banned.

If homosexuality isn't a choice, it can't be banned. Ergo, since it must be banned, it therefore must be a choice.
You might as well ban porno. Promiscuous women and men. Pre-marital sex. etc....

Plus as I state these people are weak. Why do you want to torture them for that?

Just don't make an issue out of it. And yes, if they want to teach them that they can get straight.

If not through Jesus, then through psychology and sex therapy.
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