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Default Re: Mandatory recycling?

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
It may be that I'm late to the game in this. I agree that recycling has certainly increased in my lifetime, and I see no reason that it will decrease. With ease of access, that should just continue. Perhaps that's what I should (in theory) be focusing on.

One thing I would REALLY like to do, and I'm considering actually talking to our city council about having a biodegradables pick up. Most people in my town actually probably have the land to compost (We don't ), but I doubt that even one in one hundred do. I'm not sure what the best way to go about it would be... I should probably research some other communities that have something comparable.
Originally Posted by Donkey View Post

Looks like they have a curbside composting program in Seattle...
We have curbside 'kitchen-waste' recycling for compost. The city runs the program and makes available the composted soil to the public for free.

Btw, that and 'yard-waste' are the only materials that have to be separated for recycling. For everything else, you just put papers, cardboard, plastics, metals and glass in your recycle box and the city picks it up curbside. It then goes through an automated sorting process (rather low-tech actually) mostly based on the weight differentials - magnets separate the metals for example.
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