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Default Re: Future Science & Technology

Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
To add some counter-productive criticism to the thread:
There is no theoretical or experimental sign of fusion becoming a realistic prospect in the foreseeable future.
In the current context, if it were discovered/invented it'd probably get patented and be too exclusive and/or prohibitively costly to make a substantial difference.
What most people tend to forget in the context of peak oil is that the loss of that resource is not just a problem for mobility or heating. The truly enormous array of petroleum derivatives will have to be substituted too and all at the same time.
Fusion alone wouldn't solve all problems, far from it.

As for speculation, I'll pass. We're probably all going to be wrong anyway.
I'm quite aware of the unlikelihood of nuclear fusion techology within the next couple of decades. That's why I made it a baseline assumption. Without that, all future speculations are likely to be nothing more than Mad-Max or apocalyptic scenarios.
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