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Default Re: Breakthrough Listen

Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
It's more than that, the scope of the search is much wider in all respects: distances, direction, nature of the signals, means of detection, etc. And not least important: more brute computer force.
Well yes, I'd expect a major generational improvement over SETI v1 in every respect, but the whole principle is still the same - scanning the skies to try to pick up some trace of life out there.

Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
Apart from answering the age old fundamental question of whether we're alone in the universe, nah, not really.
Yes, many people do crave certainty. I think the probability math is pretty solid on this one. If there is anything is this universe that truly approximates the idea of infinity, it is the universe itself. If life could develop here according to seemingly random elements combined with particular conditions, then statistically, it is very likely that it will have happened somewhere else as well. Maybe not people per se, but certainly lots of fungus and algae and bacterial lifeforms have to be out there.
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