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Default Re: Would you genetic engineer your child?

Originally Posted by Greendruid View Post
Do you know what they said in the 1970s? That diseases such as smallpox, polio, TB, and cholera would be a thing of the past. When smallpox was eradicated, HIV took its place in the same locations where smallpox was last seen. Polio, TB, and cholera all have drug-resistant forms, some of them multi-drud-resistant. We cannot develop drugs or therapies faster than their rates of 1,000 generations per day. It is simply biology but we have deluded ourselves into thinking we can do better.
You can thank Oprah for the spike in Polio and TB that has broken out in the USA over the last ten years. Apparently Oprah was chief cheerleader for the anti-vaccination crackpots bandwagon and managed to convince millions that vaccines are poison. Hence the spike in diseases once thought to be dead in America.
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