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Default Re: Would you genetic engineer your child?

Originally Posted by Owl Scowl View Post
If it was safe and guaranteed then of course I would do it for my kids. No reason not to. Not to would be like getting a free $100 gift card and not redeeming it.

Most people shun the idea of modifying humans with genetic engineering. It comes instinctively. Why? Unless you're one who worships invisible gods in the sky and think he'd be mad at you for altering his work, there's no logical reason to not enhance your child if given the chance.
I think that the law of unintended consequences is a logical reason not to.

Let's face it, quite a few of our newest technologies turn out to be less than advertised. We used to think that oil/gasoline was the greatest most wonderful stuff in the world - until we figured out that it was causing global climate change. Or how about all those mutant babies born to mothers given a particular drug during pregnancy? Our track record isn't very impressive.
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