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Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
I didn't learn about him until I studied in Argentina.

To my understanding the left/right mix of Vargas and Peron was specifically designed to preempt a communist revolution, which is ironic since the supporters of the current Kirchner government in Argentina (which calls itself Peronist) run around with posters of Che.
Yeah, well, part of my ignorance is due to 'horror' at the content of the topic.

And in keeping with the Roman theme of late, today's entry shall be Lucius Cornelius Sulla - the 2nd of the infamous 'strong men' of the Roman Republic. Quite unlike Marius (1st) or Julius (3rd), Sulla was a reactionary conservative (and typical hypocritical prude - a moral crusader who slept with slave girls).

Note: When one uses the term "conservative" in the sense of Roman Republic, they really mean "arch-extreme-conservative".
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