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Originally Posted by MeMyselfAndI View Post
That is why I said "God forbid".

But, you know, there are many people here who obsess with conspiracies of NATO to attack Russia, especially to invade our European exclave Kaliningrad. There are also many who see potential aggressors in China or Japan. In fact, there is a video, "Russia without Putin? Welcome to Hell!"
which was made, obviously, by Putin supporters, and talks about how, without Tsar Vladimir's strong leadership, the country would stumble, Nemtsov and other corrupt "dermocracts" (popular slur for democrats here, dermo = shit in Russian) would quickly plunder all the national resources, ultra-nationalists would take over Saint Petersburg (where they had always been strong), Islamists would seize control in North Caucasus, the Stavropol region would turn into a burnt, lifeless battle ground between Chechen and other Islamists and Cossack militias; NATO would roll into Kaliningrad; the Chinese PLA - into most of the South Eastern Siberian regions; and Japanese forces would land on the Kurilles, Sakhalin, and Vladivostok. Propaganda, obviously. But it shows you the current popular mindset here.
Well, I wouldn't discount all the internal chaos predicted, but you can be sure of one thing - no NATO forces are going to be rolling into Kaliningrad, no matter how weak Russia might be under any circumstances. Likewise with China and Japan. Anyone who suggests otherwise is an ill-educated moron who has no clue.

It is a basic fact of UN membership that any nation that invades another sovereign nation (without UNSC permission) is guilty of aggressive war and according to the UN Charter, it is the duty of all nations to make war against that aggressor. Neither China, nor Japan nor NATO is stupid enough to do anything like that.

Indeed, would China do something that would automatically make the US, NATO and Russia military allies against China? That would be insanely foolish thing for the Chinese to do.

And NATO's own population would not tolerate NATO violating the UN Charter.
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