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Default Re: Climate Scientist Scott Denning....

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Suffice it to say that US rightwing has consistently denied human-made climate change despite mountains of scientific evidence, scientific papers and scientific consensus.

Why do you think this event is special given that rightwingers have been ignoring this same data for decades now?

Heck, even Exxon gives a few million dollars to the scientific community to study the issue. It just gets drowned out by the hundred million they will spend to strangle it.

Fact is, the US rightwing doesn't deny global climate change because they don't agree with the science, or haven't seen enough data. They reject global climate change because it is in conflict with their ideology. That's all there is to it. Pouring more data on the pile isn't going to change that.
They don't believe because they believe their god created the earth for us and he will fix it if we fuck it up.

I spent the weekend with a friend who just graduated law school. He's in the process of buying a nice little cabin out in the middle of nowhere. To reach the cabin, you must ford a creek. When I asked him how he planned on visiting the cabin as the weather becomes more extreme, he gave my a look of incredulity and asked, "You don't really believe that shit do you?" I replied, "We've been living it for the past decade. How can you not believe it?"

I just don't understand how people can be so caught up in their politics that they can't see the truth of things. Kentucky has been hit by more ice storms in the past few years than the entire century before, yet they look at the snow and ice and say, "Where's all that heat, Al Gore?"

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