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Default Re: The World According to Monsanto

Originally Posted by Greendruid View Post
One of the other HUGE issues with this corn is that it is being grown for ethanol production, not for food. There are over 500 different varieties of corn that were selected for and bred over that 12,000 year history of domestication from the tiny plant once known as teosinte. Each one is suited to its environment. We have transplanted one from a mountainous region in Northern Mexico to grow in our short summers here in Nova Scotia and its doing very well with the same pain-staking process of repeated selection of the best plant seeds. This is all that plants need to grow successfully. It is a slow process but when you start splicing in fish genes to make uber-corn, you've really lost your way. The effects of this are unknown, untested and unnatural. I could write volumes on the problems of doing this from the practical farming side to the legislative side to the environmental side. All in all it spells the end of farming the way we have been farming for the last 15,000 years. Farming is the legacy of all people everywhere and this patenting bullshit on life forms or parts of life forms has to stop being used as a means to economic domination.
Ethanol production that actually provides lower efficiency (poor gas mileage) and shortened life in internal combustion engines. Big agra loves its kingmaker public subsidies.
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