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Default Re: Iceland in World Cup

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Some background... in 1986 Italy won the World Cup. Toronto has a massive Italian community and they celebrated the victory with several spontaneous street parties, and lots of cars filled with people driving around waving Italian flags.

Well, Toronto has fairly large immigrant communities from just about every country on the globe and they all seem to be desperate to copy the Italian 1986 event. The desperation to parade their ethnic nationalism is obvious. So when World Cup begins, we get thousands of cars driving around waving flags and honking their horns on a daily basis and trying to block street traffic to create a street party after every fucking game (even though the number of supporters/fans engaged is way too small to achieve this). Most of these immigrant communities don't have the large number or mass support that countries like Italy have here (Italy, England and Germany are by far the largest community fan/groups for World Cup here).

And this year, the Portuguese and Croatians seem to be the most obnoxious about it, hence my desire to see these teams eliminated, though my friend insists that the Uruguay fans are worse. It all seems to be just an orgy of ethnic nationalism and it isn't pretty.

Btw, it seems that the fans of Brazil, Argentina, Italy, England and Germany don't do the obnoxious 'hooliganism' thing and await final victory before trying to do the traffic-blocking street party thing. Not so with the smaller countries who try to do it after every game and are the obnoxious ones.
Thank you. But could you please go into more detail about what the Croatian and Portuguese fans have done which you resent?
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