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Default Re: Eyesore of the Month

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
I dunno. I kind of don't hate the New being built directly into the Old.
Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
Me neither, if indeed it's done well. For instance I quite like the infamous pyramid in front of the Louvre.
Agreed. A mixture of old and new can work very well if done right. Problem is, it is rarely done 'right'.

For example, we have many skyscraper buildings in Toronto that grow out of old 'historic' street level facades that serve as a front entrance/lobby and this generally works quite well. We've got one beautiful skyscraper that is 'attached' via an enormous glass atrium with a 1920's era art deco office building. Though, most of these are 30 or 40 years old now. Most of the newer 'mixtures' are of the garish type that don't work well (like the 'sail' above).
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