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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I'm having trouble getting into Stellaris. Again, it is the time commitment thing.
Yeah, it's not a quick experience. According to Steam I've put in 100 hours total and only played 2 games through to "finished", though several hours of that is probably just playing around with the empire-maker.

It's not the greatest game ever, but it does lend itself to making some great stories.

I still don't understand the end-game, though. <mild spoilers> I just wrapped up my 2nd-playthrough. I had followed the synthetic ascension path to the end (all my people are immortal robots now), built vast megastructures in space, reached "equivalent" status with the Fallen Empires, and pretty much exhausted the tech tree, all in about 140 in-game years. And then...nothing. We had destroyed all our real enemies and all the leviathans, and I was playing xenophile pacifists, so I had no interest in conquering everyone else. There was just nothing much left to pursue. After about 5 years of that on the fastest speed, I opened the console and manually triggered an end-game crisis, the Scourge one. If you take the entirety of those 140 in-game years and add together every ship I had ever made, it would probably amount to about 150k worth of fleet power. When my military finally died, taking easily five times their number in Scourge ships with them, the Scourge had remaining combined fleet strength of over 1 million. Given that I had all the best weapons and defenses already, I don't know how I was supposed to survive that aside from just spending 50 years of game time doing nothing but building ships before the Scourge arrived. That doesn't sound like fun.

So while I really like the first half of the game, the ending is odd. Either boredom or, if there's a crisis, guaranteed, unstoppable, defeat.
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