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Default Sex-crazed idiot...

28 year old Alisa Voks was the best thing that happened to the Russian punk rock band "Leningrad" probably ever

This girl made this band from the 90s, made up of 40 year old men, relevant again to young people, today...

And now, Sergey Shnurov, the lead singer and head of the band, goes and fires her!

His official reason: she became too self-obsessed with her own stardom, arrogant, and disrespectful to other band members, to the point that they could no long work with her. The real reason, according to multiple sources: the moron could not keep his bloody sex drive in check, had an affair with her, and her husband found out, possibly there was even a violent confrontation between him and Shnurov (there have been recent reports of Shnurov receiving treatment at a hospital in St. Petersburg; with a nurse telling a reporter who asked why he is there that he got beaten up, basically; no videos yet though )

Anyway, Alisa is now starting a solo career. And Shnurov called her "obsessed with attention"...

Funny, from a man who, especially before she showed up, performed with his fucking pants off to bring some of that attention to himself and his band

It is not as though he does not have enough girls...

His own wife is beautiful and, supposedly, they could not get enough of each other, sexually

That, my friends, is Russian show business... Men who cannot control their sexual urges and then blame it on the women for whom they have those urges...
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