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Default Re: Tea's relationship with milk

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
Well, I almost never want milk in my tea. If it's the right kind of spice tea or maybe a good English breakfast brewed very, very strong, then I like a little cream and honey. But milk, even whole milk, just waters the tea down too much for my taste.

I probably drink more tea than any other beverage and it's almost always a black English tea (PG Tips when I can get it!) with just a very little bit of sugar.
As a tea-drinking Canadian, with an English-born mother, I've never even heard of the designation "black tea" (other than to mean, 'no milk'). I looked it up and what you call "black tea" is what I know as "orange pekoe". I believe the "orange" part describes the burnt orange color of the brewed product (but I'm just guessing).

I too drink tea with no milk and just a bit of sugar, just like my mother and most of my family. Milk in tea seems kind of gross to me - or at the very least, designed to drown the flavor of the tea.

Tea with milk and sugar (double-double) is often called "kid's tea" around here.
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