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Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
There's a reason for that.
Some time ago a new form of repression was introduced in Flanders. They're called GAS-fines. GAS stands for the Dutch of County Administrative Sanctions. They're fines you can get for things like littering. The ugly part of it, other than that the fines are quite hefty, i.e. from €60 to €250 (US$ 82 to US$ 340), is that they are issued not by cops or some private security but simply by civil functionaries without any training or experience in such tasks. They also don't have any burden of proof, their word suffices. Needless to say there's massive abuse aggravated by the fact that there's no appeal to these fines other than refusing to pay them and being hauled to court. Since the legality and constitutionality of these fines is heavily contested some courts throw them out on principle but other courts acknowledge and even increase them. It's a complete legal shambles but, yeah, the streets are cleaner.
North America is literally covered with signs announcing the steep fines for littering. I've seen fines of up to $1000 per offense.

Btw, for what its worth, the only country I've ever seen with as much litter as the USA is Ireland.
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