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Default Re: Future Science & Technology

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
When it comes to sending 100,000+ people on a multi-month trip through space, I think most of them are going to have to be in some sort of suspended-animation for most of the trip. Otherwise you're going to have to either (1) take a ludicrous number of supplies with you or (2) create a closed ecosystem capable of supporting that many people on board a space ship. Both those options would take up a massive amount of space (possibly more space than everything else on the ship combined) and you'd have to bring along enough fuel to lug it all around with you. With suspended-animation, you can pack 'em in like sardines with only minimal supplies of oxygen and food.
Also, I'd think that the personality types that would do well when it comes to risking their lives to create new outposts on some foreign planet would NOT do very well shut up inside a ship for months on end. Better to have them all sleeping.

This way, if the only awake people are the professional pilots and navigators who live and breath space-travel as their livelihood, you can still have zero-g living quarters and thus cooler ship designs.
Hmmm.. yes, that's a good idea.

Though, with the huge size and scale of a stanford torus (1km in diameter), storing/growing food isn't likely to be a major problem.
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