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Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
Everything that now lives is at the pinnacle of evolution presently. Evolution has no purpose. It just happens, it's an entirely passive process.
Everything in our universe exists without purpose, and everything but our own actions is an entirely passive process. It is in our nature to assign meaning to events, to devise a purpose for them, and find a way for passive processes to suit our active agendas.

Like everything else in the universe, evolution can be used to suit our purposes. And my purpose is to improve things, especially those things which benefit my family.

Originally Posted by partofme View Post
I think you make a good point here. Evolution isn't a one way street towards a species that is better than that which comes before. It's a process in which species adapt to their environment.
Not exactly. It's a process in which species adapt to resemble whichever members of their species are most successful at reproducing. In an environment of relative abundance and safety, this has little to do with any measure of competence, and with the power of modern medicine, also little to do with most measures of health.

Since almost every infant born survives to adulthood, we are evolving to most resemble those members of our society who have the most children, and least resemble those who have the least children.

Take a look at who has the most children and who has the least, and ask yourself if that's really the direction you want our species to be moving.

Originally Posted by partofme View Post
The idea that evolution is leading us to some perfect end product is wishful thinking at best.
In the case of a species which is capable of consciously influencing its own evolutionary development, that is exactly what evolution should be doing. It's not wishful thinking, it's a declaration of intent.

Originally Posted by SMadsen View Post
However, I don't see how adoption interferes with the perpetuation of one's culture. Guess it depends on the scope of one's particular view of one's culture.

I may not have written clearly. I do not think that adoption interferes with the perpetuation of one's culture at all, and I consider it even more morally praiseworthy than reproduction. My point was only that reproduction should be encouraged on a moral and practical level; at the very least, if noone is having children, there won't be any children to adopt.

Originally Posted by SMadsen View Post
Is that a criterion that you consciously aim or aimed at?
Yes, it is something I take into consideration. It's not my highest priority by a long shot, but it certainly ranks much higher than trivialities like hair color and whether or not she roots for the same sports teams.

Originally Posted by Americano View Post
Gotta make for some very tough first date questions. Or do you have a detailed questionnaire to simplify matters? How do women react to broodstock questions?
About as well as you'd expect, which is why I'm not so crass as to ask them. On the other hand, there's a lot you can pick up by simple observation-- and most people would agree with the statement that you should get to know a woman and her family before having children with her.
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